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About Husky Transport Inc.

Our principle owner has been involved in the expedited freight industry for over fourteen years now. Both himself, and his Director of Operations were both ‘Owner/Operators’ in their humble beginnings and as such have a firm foundation and understanding of ‘how it works’! Concordantly, as the owner of Husky Transport Inc., he has enjoyed steady growth primarily because of his well balanced focus between the needs of his clientele vs. the safe operation of his fleet.

Husky Transport Inc. is a solid and dependable transportation company that has excelled in providing fast, reliable freight service applying a combined experience of 50 years.

Husky Transport Inc. specializes in reefer commodities as well as dry freight. It concentrates mostly on the West Coastal and Southern states as well as Western Canada load trips.

Husky Transport Inc. has a fleet of 15 tractors and trailers and is rapidly expanding. The company is comprised of dedicated transport experts.

We believe that the customer is our main focus and our goal is to provide the best service and on time delivery.

Husky Transport Inc. provides fast and reliable service because we only hire experienced drivers. Equipment used consists of 53’ reefers as well as new and fully maintained tractors.

Today finds us in a position to increase the size of our fleet substantially however before we do that, we feel it would be prudent to make sure that we will have the work to support this upsizing.

Husky Transport Inc. is considered as a premier outsource carrier by our cachet companies. And, although in and of themselves, they do not represent a guarantee that we can do the job, it is our hope that the source of them will indicate that we have been and are ready to ‘play in your league’.


Service Area

  • West United States Coast
  • East United States Coast
  • West Canadian Coast
  • Toronto, Montreal, Chicago
  • Yard space available


  • Temperature controlled reefer units
  • 53' Air ride & logistics trailers
  • Tail gates available
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